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Total Prizes 0.0631 BTC USD 606.17

$ 9598 USD

Time till draw 22h 37m
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Lottery no: 1076


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  1. WixiPlay Daily Lottery runs every day about 22:00 UTC
  2. Users can buy an unlimited quantity of tickets choosing numbers manually or automatically using random generation.
  3. For JACKPOT : Buy min. 10 tickets, hit 5 numbers in a ticket and you will get the jackpot of 1 BTC
  4. There are 3 tiers of winners, which split their part of Bankroll:
    • a) all tickets with 5 matching numbers share 80% of Bankroll (0.05052322 BTC on current lottery draw)
    • b) all tickets with 4 matching numbers share 8% of Bankroll (0.00505232 BTC on current lottery draw)
    • c) all tickets with 3 matching numbers share 2% of Bankroll (0.00126308 BTC on current lottery draw)
    After the lottery draw each winner's share will be credited on the balance.
  5. Winners will receive their prizes immediately.
  6. Winners are defined by matching randomly displayed numbers from 1 to 25 with numbers in tickets. 5 Numbers are generated provably fair when Numbers are generating until there should be 1st tier winners with 5 matching numbers or until 10 numbers are displayed.
  7. Bankroll is formed from 100% of the total tickets sales amount.
  8. If there are no winners at any tiers their part of Bankroll will be credited on the next Daily Lottery Bankroll.
  9. Ticket price, Bankroll, Jackpot and prize amounts are calculated in BTC, but tickets may be bought in any currency.
  10. Due to real BTC prizes received by Daily Lottery winners, tickets cannot be purchased with Faucet funds.
  11. Lottery tickets of banned users aren't counted in Daily Lottery draw so they cannot receive a prize.
  12. WixiPlay takes only 10% fee from ticket sales!